Don't allow your vet to use ACEPROMAZINE on your Boxers!!!!!! 
This drug "ACEPROMAZINE" is used commonly by most veterinarian hospitals and clinics for a pre-anesthetic during surgery as well as the most popular prescribed drug for car travel for dogs as well as cats.  I assure you that some hospitals won't give it a second thought to admisister this drug to your Boxer during a procedure and freely prescribe it to you when you request something for your Boxer for your lengthy Sunday drive or for your long needed vacation.  Your Boxer may suffer a severe allergic reaction to this drug.  This reaction could include arrhythmia of the heart and can also cause severe lowering of blood pressure as well as respiratory arrest.  Please remember that a lot of veterinarian hospitals do not have attendants that stay and supervise your animals throughout the night.  There are no technicians, no doctors, your Boxer is all alone...... NOBODY to find a distressed animal in the wee hours of the night.
There is NOBODY there to monitor emergency situations, and basically the hospital is oblivious to anything until they come into work the following morning.  Don't put the welfare, the LIFE of your Boxer at risk because of your lack of knowledge and the lack of concern/knowlege by this licensed veterinarian.  Speak up for your Boxer, your 
 I am offering you this information due to our loss..... 
We were totally in the dark about this medicine until the loss of our beautiful girl Jazmine.  On July 7th, 2001, we took our 2 beautiful girls to the vet to have their ears cropped.  Later that day, we received a call from the vet telling us that he had lost Jazmine.  At first I thought that she might have escaped from the clinic.. then he broke the bad news to me.... Laurie, (He said) We lost Jazmine... I'm not sure what happened.  We did her ear surgery (crop) and put her in the recovery room so we could start on her sister (Sassy) and when the vet tech went to check on her, she was dead....... 
I asked him how Sassy was doing and he said that she appears to be fine..We drove like a couple of mad men to the vet.  I still couldn't believe what he had told me.  When we arrived he met us at the door and kept telling us he was sorry and she must have had a bad heart of something... He handed me my beautiful baby that only hours before had been romping and playing with our children.  She was gone!!! I have never felt so much grief and guilt...If only I hadn't had her ears done!!! We drove home that day with our 2 girls and laid Jazmine to rest.  If only we had known..... Please remember the name of this drug..
Learn from our mistakes... There are other drugs out there.. 
Had she not had this drug she would be with us today!

 All you have to do is ask your vet to place on your Boxer's chart

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